Chrome Tailgates and Electric Guitars

4:30 am. The cool early morning air filtered through my open screened window, the first chirps of the birds began as they awoke in the trees. Suddenly, the air was filled with amplified country music… LIVE country music. I lay cozy-like, all wrapped up in my sheets and blankets, smiling as my ears filled with songs my feet knew how to dance to. by 4:45, I knew I had to investigate. I pulled on my running clothes, clipped the leashes to the sleepy dogs, and jogged out the door. The cool crisp air met our running pack, Toto, Foxy and I were off to find the early morning music. We arrived at Cannery Square in Sherwood, and were pleasantly surprised to see a full scale country band- cowboy hats, boots, singing out their love songs.

All around, car collectors and their vintage cars were parked as they gathered around to share their pride and joy for their vehicles, their cherished, timeless pieces they had poured love, sweat and time into preserving to a pristine classic. I glanced at the dogs, as they started up their run at the end of their leashes again. I joined in to lead, as we worked together to keep a steady pace. Running with the cars and music behind us, I reflected on life work. We all have it inside. We all have something inside that wells up, that makes us tick, that fuels us, that spurs us on. The 4:30 am band- sang their hearts out as they celebrated their life work. The crowd filtering around their cars, once a year gather to share their fixed up cars.

I thought of my life work, celebrating art-making with others, and painting my heart out on stages through live performance painting, my passion for Africa…. And as my feet pounded the pavement to the music, the sun rose in its full glory and sparkled off the chrome tailgates and electric guitars. Another day was here, blessing us with another moment to enjoy our life work. Image