Finding Solace in the Ripples of the Pond.


“Healing Waters Rise Up With Wings” $400 (Framed)

“It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.”

Mary Daly

Sometimes the world’s opinions rest heavy on my shoulders. In a land of “ought-tos” and “should haves”, I find myself wading through the muck of finding “the right way” back to my faith in life. What my soul longs for is not more “community,” for I am blessed with so many dear individual souls that are so serendipitously placed daily in my life. It is not more “church” my soul requires. It is in fact, quite the opposite. My soul longs for solace with God. “Comfort in a time of distress,” is how the definition reads.

My life is wonderfully filled with goodness and blessings. Yet, somewhere deep in the essence of me lies a quiet urge, like a ripple in a pond, that starts small, and then inches out, growing wider and wider, until my heart catches on to the still, small purpose of the urge- to find tranquility as I further my journey to knowing my God, and knowing his promised peace.

I say my God, because the God I have come to know and love, is boundlessly grand, more so than the Americanized Christian church has allowed him to be. He is vast, stretching wider than we can fathom in His love, peace and grace, and all other qualities within, for after all, He created these qualities. Like the ripple in the pond, we only see the droplet, and are at times unable to see the bigger ripples surrounding what we observe. I am humbly grateful to NOT have God all figured out, because I know the times I pompously feel like I do, are the times in which He humbles me the most within my prideful ignorance.

Every person is born with various gifts, broadening their knowledge and understanding within. God reveals Himself so uniquely different to each one of us, creating a sacred way of meeting Him set apart from one another. By understanding our unique passions and our heritage, we are better able to know our Maker, and I believe it is here where He takes joy in us.

Our souls find their voice, like a droplet of water, and yearning to grow, that droplet creates a ripple. Wider and wider we begin to grasp a larger picture of who God is through this life long journey. I pray for the day when my droplet travels to the banks of my life’s pond, and God will say, “Well traveled daughter, now let me show you all the other oceans in which your droplet had no time to land. For you were given but a moment in time, and came to know me well as you could for who I create you to be in the time I gave you. Now, Let me show you the rest of who your Abba is.”

My heart yearns to be free of “religion.” The “should-haves”, or the “oughts” drown those steady ripples and cause a confusing wake in the true journey of the soul. My desire is to make a ripple in the waters of tranquility and solace as I continue onward through this journey of being filled wholly through the One who created the waters for us to make the ripple within.

“We must accept that this creative pulse within us is God’s creative pulse himself.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce


A Lazy Sunday with Friends. (The fourlegged, finned, and winged kind)


(Foxy and Toto, two of my trusty sidekicks)

A Lazy Sunday Morning:

I sit smiling, cozy on the couch this morning, with my cup of peach tea, and my petite lazy doxie mix, curled up on my lap, not quite ready to get up to a day of patrolling the yard, keeping it free from cats and squirrels. My stout little terrier mix sits at my feet, giving a little wiggle every time I steal a glance her way. My blue beta fish leisurely scans the water’s surface for any morsels left from the night before. And I glance at the studio door, closed tightly as my fireplace in the studio works hard to heat up the artist’s haven. Behind that door is a new and dear pet, a dove. In a few moments, when the studio is warm and cozy, “little dove” and I will spend some time together in the studio as I finish my latest creation, a playful field of flowers, honeycombs and bumblebees, just in time for a show next week!Image

(Ansel, shown above with a student teaching him all there is to know about art!)

What’s in a Name?

Most pets have a name. Names have a sacred meaning sometimes, while other times they are comical and fun!

Toto is my little doxie mix. We adopted him in Colorado during a difficult time and place early in our marriage. We felt “stuck in Oz,” so after Dorothy’s dear companion he was named! We soon made our way back to our “Kansas”, the Pacific North West, and soon adopted our terrier Foxy. We tried changing her name for a week, but already 5 and half years old, She was Foxy. And she sure lives up to her name batting her long eyelashes, and wiggling her short curly tail! A few of my art students voted on what our beta fish’s name should be, and Tsunami it is! Fitting that he lives his life under water!Image

(Tsunami swimming around, just showing off his tail fins!)

This weekend we named our little dove Ansel after Ansel Adams, the famous American photographer who shot black and white landscape photos. Another dove will be arriving soon, already named Georgia O’Tweet (After Georgia O’Keefe, a famous woman painter who lived around the same time as Ansel Adams.)

Pet Blessings:

I love my life to be surrounded by God’s lovely creations. There is something magical about earning the trust, acceptance and love from animals. They come to depend on you, even love you. At times, they will pick you up off the ground and bring you joy in even the most difficult times. Animals we love deeply become protectors of simplicity, givers of unfailing love, and perhaps most importantly, our greatest teachers of living life cherishing moment by moment. Our pets give us purpose, laughter and joy throughout their relatively short lives with us. This might be the very reason they live so well to enjoy each moment, for they do not know when their life here on earth will end. For the time I have with them, I am learning to love the simple moments like today.